What is Double Talkers? 

Free to join, Double Talkers is a non-profit US organization aimed at uniting American's linguistically diverse communities. DT offers social activities aimed at helping develop adult English bilingualism (bilingualism in which one language is English and the other can be any language of local relevance or heritage).  


Participants enjoy field activities, play games, and take challenges in which their participation is appropriate to their individual levels in their target language. 

 Sponsored by Parlay Vacay 

Double Talkers is sponsored by Parlay Vacay: English Immersion Weekends which offers groups a variety of getaways with built-in English immersion courses and a 2:1 ratio of English learners to English tutors. 

 History of Double Talkers 

Phoenix was the first city and community to host a Double Talkers club to foster bilingualism in English and Spanish in 2019. 


 Your Turn 

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